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Welcome to our Matchmaking services

We connect millions of people looking for sharemate to share an Accomodation with or a Big Work space with.

Matchmaker platforms like this, creates an opportunity to connect entrepreneurs together regardless of their Location, who are looking for like minds to pair with.

How We Achieve That?

We have Access to a large amount of data of people after creating their profile here, we carefully look into it and run a background check on everything stated on the form here, then connect people with one another in the areas they need, either Accommodation or Work-Space.

As a Matchmaker, I understand all potential parties as well as equally representing both sides to a connection without bias

Commercial space pairing

Residential space pairing

Collaboration search fee

Friendship/Dating/ Marriage matchmaking


I hereby agree to the terms and conditions that covers this pairing.

Residential/ Commercial
1. I agree to share and pay all necessary bills during my term of this tenancy pair, E. G: Electricity, Lawma, Water, Cleaner, Security and any other levied bills in the premises.

2. Not to Assign, Sublet the pair premises of any part without written consent of the Matchmaker as the tenancy isn’t transferable.

3. Not to make trouble or do things that inconvenient other parties, and to occupy this space as a dwelling house or shop and not for other purposes.

4. That I shall pay rent together as at when due, that if I fail to pay when others are ready, I shall be evicted out of the premises by the Matchmaker.

5. If I want to leave the apartment or store shared, I will notify the matchmaker 3 months prior expiration of this tenancy, in other to enable matchmaker to look for another to fill up the space.

6. Residence- I shall not allow the premises to be overcrowded with friends, whereby inconveniencing others or bringing in things that are dangerous to other parties health.

7. Commercial- I and party/parties involved shall agree to do same design structure for space acquired irrespective of type of business, other designs apart from space division can chose to be different.

8. Commercial- I hereby agree that I won’t sell or make what other party/parties does. E.g, Only different nature of business is allowed. Clothing vs Shoes or bags (Fashion line) or Beauty studio vs Saloon vs Makeup studio.

9. Commercial – Both parties can use different Customer rep or agree to get one person for the store to give account of sales.

10. Commercial – Both parties shall agree to come up with a Signage that defines both brands.

Official COVID-19 Message

As we work as a community to prepare for the impact of COVID-19, we wanted to share how we are addressing the current situation. The health and safety of our employees, customers, and communities are our primary concern. There are a number of measures we are taking to ensure we manage to safely get through this fluid situation while continuing to serve our customers, partners, and employees effectively.

For our customers, Abikeredefined Global Service is maintaining our services and our products are fully operational - it’s business as usual (albeit far from usual circumstances). Our technical environments and processes are monitored 24 hours a day, under the supervision of our globally distributed teams. Our business continuity programs were built and tested far in advance of this current situation to ensure that we could operate from distributed locations for as long as necessary.

Our wishes and prayers are with your family, friends, colleagues, and your country. Stay safe! Abikeredefined Global Service salutes all those who are at the frontline in fighting Covid-19 across the globe.

We are with you in fighting this COVID-19 pandemic.

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